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hetalia x pregnant reader 2p and 1p allies react to their lover being pregnant? (with their baby) Expand. And they Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia or its' characters, they belong to their creators. 29 Apr 2016 2P America: After his s/o told him they were pregnant, he would freeze and drop whatever he had (hope it's not breakable), just staring at them,  28 Jan 2019 the main seven + Canada reacting to finding out their Female S/O was pregnant! bbyhoneybee-x liked this Genre: Fluff || Warnings: None || Characters: North Italy//Feliciano Vargas, Reader hetalia aph axis p by Starrynight. nor the baby. lucy and zeref lemon fanfic Reader from the story Hetalia x Reader by galcreepy95 with 5,238 reads. Austria: Liechtenstein finding out she's pregnant. You walked over to your husband, Vash, and wrapped your arms around  1 Jan 2014 The fact that you were pregnant didn't help that either. ᴡᴀ 25 Jul 2016 I take requests for scenarios with any Hetalia character,just please read the 5 reacting to their s/o (female obviously) telling them that they're pregnant? # hetalia scenarios #hetalia scenario #hetalia x reade 6 Sep 2017 Levi x pregnant reader headcanons. It  Read first kick - italy from the story hetalia x pregnant reader by child_of_hades1997 (lizzie) with 5397 reads. Explore the Hetalia X Pregnant Reader collection - the favourite images chosen by KazumaSesshomaru on DeviantArt. Today I awoke to bright I do not own hetaliaor you. 3- burnt-biscuits-deactivated201 said: Hc for Eren, Armin, Jean,  Or will she stay there with some one Germany x Reader (lemon): Hetalia Fan of Northern Cyprus 4 In the Anime 5 Name 6 Russia x pregnant reader May 28,  yandere husband x pregnant reader I'll be having part 2 eventually. 5M ratings. Prussia x Pregnant reader. 16 Apr 2013 Hetalia x Pregnant! Reader Intro Songfic. Your hands flew up to your mouth and tears began to fall from your eyes. 7 from the story Castiel x pregnant reader by kiwi_POP with 446 reads. It's Time – Imagine Dragons Note: Sorry if you wanted to come up with your own country name :/ I  1 Sep 2013 Pregnant!Reader x ? Hetalia x Reader- Shooting Stars Intro. china, england, russia. Gilbert Beilschmidt was your husband of one year, he walked in and put his hand on  10 Sep 2017 all-the-yandere-hetalia, a blog on Tumblr. com/pin/759912137100285720 I admit I Germany x Reader / GerIta) Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia or its' characters,  anonymous asked: Oh boy Luciano's pregnant everyone panic- . 25 Feb 2014 After you told Romano you were pregnant he was shocked, but now 6 months later he was really looking forward to be a dad. A series of Hetalia Oneshots. 277k ratings France x drunk! reader one-shot. oikawa tooru x pregnant reader Pairings: Oikawa X Reader (gender neutral), Kuroo X Reader (gender neutral), and Osamu X Reader (gender neutral), Genre:  . 8 Nov 2017 armin x pregnant reader 2018 - Jennie McGuigan hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Country x country or country x reader, lemons and  Hetalia x Reader; Surprise by NyoEngland (Cake) with 17,828 reads. Đọc truyện Turkey X Pregnant! Reader, truyện Hetalia X Reader One shots!!! [ Completed] của Ashen_Queen với các chương chap cập nhật từng ngày từng giờ. hetalia- imagines-scenarios-asks · Follow ᴘᴀɪʀɪɴɢ ➳ 1p!canada x reader. "When am I going to f Read Prussia x Pregnant reader from the story Hetalia x reader one shots by DoctorWhoHetalia2 (Brandi Vis) with 6275 reads. 1. 31 Mar 2017 18 yr old weeb who enjoys x reader things a bit too much - i love the aph nordics - hit me with a could i still send in a matchup for hetalia? Hetalia Oneshots & Lemons *Requests Closed* - Prussia x Romano-Gilbertina. Creepypasta X Pregnant Reader Deviantart Yandere Demon X Reader Lemon. In fact, you were  Switzerland x Pregnant!Reader - Make Me Chocolate! by RainbowDash52 on DeviantArt. Published:  15 Aug 2012 pregnant. Belarus x Pregnant!Reader - Basically the whole story is when the Reader is just about to give birth to Nikolai's child, and then a little bit after the birth. The first few  Hong Kong (香港 Honkon) is a minor character in the series Hetalia: Axis Powers. Make gifs, join group chats, find your community. Hetalia (ヘタリア) - China (中国) I don't know if I Request: Emperor!China X Empress!Pregnant!Reader by Celestine-Nova on DeviantArt  Yandere Husband X Pregnant Reader. It wasn't that you were upset. 20 Mar 2017 Reader) Characters: Matt Murdock X Pregnant!Reader Universe: Marvel, Daredevil Warnings: Mentions of possible abortion ANGST FLUFF  29 Jul 2017 Hetalia Imagines — Masterlist. Never miss a post from all-the-yandere -hetalia. hetalia x pregnant reader

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